• Tears

      Photo albums are the main place where valuable photographs symbolising memories are kept. But when these memories are not valuable to their owners anymore, photographs can be painful and the need to destroy them remarks the mnemonic function of photography. The ripped pictures and their traces are the result of an obvious act of rage. The signs of violence –torn apart pages, scratched ring, identities removed- let us imagine that this is possibly the aftermath of a breakup. By the act of destroying the physical object that holds the photographs, the ripped photographic surface is unveiling the intention of erasing that memory. Nevertheless, my intervention disrupts the process started by its previous owner. Rephotographing this artefact remarks contrasts and ambiguities: From what was intended to disappear to what will now be preserved, from garbage to brand new material, from love to anger, from brutality to fragility, from the private to the public, from the surface of the photograph to what is beneath it. The ripped pages of this album are symbol of both failure and achievement of photography: These memories are not completely destroyed but they will not be complete again either: They will ultimately remain in between remembering and forgetting.